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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 21, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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keep it right here on fox business. cheryl: good evening, everyone. i am cheryl casone he in for lou dobbs. we have multiple stories developing. the director of national intelligence admits that the white house underestimated the strength of the islamic state while simultaneously overestimating it the strength of the iraqi military. the former obama defense secretary leon panetta says we never should have pulled out of iraq. and retired air force general outlines the pitfalls of the american strategy here tonight. and roger mcdowell finally raking his silence after a week of child abuse and domestic violence and drug possession.
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we are going to go to the nfl headquarters for his comment. and what this means. we have a guest here tonight and we will also get our fan reaction as well. and the mystery of the enterovirus 68. and in what you langone medical center is going to lay out the s and president obama signed hr122 into lots. giving president obama the ability to fight the syrian rebels. and air strikes have begun
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against islamic states in iraq. the white house correspondent ed henry has our report. reporter: françoise hollande ordered his military plane to strike a logistics depot in northern iraq. making it very clear that there are strict limits on france's support to obama. >> and the french will not help what airstrikes over syria, forcing the security advisor onto defense over what the two separate coalitions will do. >> this will be a unified coalition ended as one opposition and it will be under a common command. and we will continue to welcome the involvement of partners who will make different contributions. reporter: the president
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continues to claim those contributions are swelling. >> more than 40 countries have now offered assistance as part of this coalition. much of that assistance is humanitarian and logistical. officials are pinning the responsibility for piecing together the coalition on retired general john allen. some are waiting for the commander-in-chief to show, he will see the mission through the end. >> despite secretary john kerry and general allen in all this golden reputations of ahab, the president has to give in this with coalition partners. in any realistic way. that kicks into high gear next week when the president will spend three days in new york at the united nations general assembly meeting. >> will the president do this next week? will build this coalition? and i'm confident that his efforts will continue on both
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ends. both in public settings and private settings format despite the weeks of effort, the white house is struggling to get contributions of military support beyond france. one reason why secretary of state john kerry was at the u.n. today and he open the door to iran helping the coalition. >> including iran, whose foreign minister is with us today. >> the iranians also held talks over the controversial nuclear programs. the meeting only lasted an hour, which is a sign perhaps of very little progress of the looming deadline of november 24, for the iranian kurdish activities. cheryl: here to talk about the widening rifts between obama and the islamic state, general thomas mcinerney. thank you, sir for joining us. this strategy, the president
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affirming no boots on the ground and his strategy didn't today. is he wrong? >> i think that he is wrong to give away some of his cards. i don't know why he's ever wanted to do that. in addition he doesn't have a strategy because it's not desert storm and it's not operation iraqi freedom and so without a name and without a real coalition, the captains call this a view graph coalition and he doesn't have a strategy. in over a month he has hit less than 200 targets when he ought to be hitting 200 targets per day. so it's really kind of a virtual game plan that he politically has designed to try to help his base to get him through the core november election. cheryl: susan rice has said that they are ready to conduct airstrikes within syria.
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bashar al-assad aside and our issues with him, is that at at least a step in the right direction for the u.s. to when we believe that these the headings are taking place on the ground in syria? >> i think that it is. but i would've done it a month ago. the fact is that it probably will not happen until after november. so again, you have the president designing a political campaign and the generals and the chairman and etc., combatant commander designing a combat campaign and they are both out of sync. so it's great yesterday when the general came up, recently retired, and he put some more flesh on it to help support the generals in the pentagon. >> we talked about this with retired general john allen. you can't tell us that an experienced general like john allen is going to allow the president were advising president to show our hands, basically to isis.
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he wouldn't do that. correct? >> yes, but i don't think he has much say, i really don't and that is the sad part. cheryl: james clapper said that we have completely underestimated the will to fight. do you agree with that? >> well, if we have, i don't know why we have and i have known jim clapper since he was a colonel and i have a lot of respect for him. but i cannot understand why he would say that. this has been a very vicious fight for the last 13 years, and he's just saying this now. i don't know if he has moved himself into the political ring to help the president out, just like it sounds like president clinton is trying to help the president out with that absurd statement that astounded me today that he came out and said that we didn't know how to win a war or we couldn't win a war on the ground in iraq. that was unbelievable.
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cheryl: former president bill clinton did that last night, he made that statement. but the french have been very clear that their involvement is going to be limited and we don't seem to have much international support, which is surprising coming from the french and the british who have a geological stake in this more so than the british. >> they do, and that is the interesting thing. they want limited roles and we have a limited role in the and the president said that we are going to degrade isis and then we are going to destroy them, well, those are two separate campaigns when you construct a campaign and i think that we are in the irritate isys phase right now. so it's not really a campaign unless you wrap it up and have let the public understands is shocked and not every single there's not a tree from the syrian border onward.
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it is perfect country for interdiction, and yet we haven't done anything of any semblance today. cheryl: and where is the syrian border anymore? i'm not even sure that we know at this point. general, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. cheryl: one programming note, please tune in tonight to a special edition of kennedy and to gain on "the independents" immediately following neil cavuto. and it turns out that border patrol agents have apprehended nearly 500 illegal aliens from countries with links of terrorism this year. shocking details found in a custom and border protection document obtained by the breitbart. seventy-six regions, turkey,
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saudi arabia, iraq and iran and jordan are some. and national league football commissioner roger goodell breaking his silence today. the commissioner talked about what was one of the worst weeks in his eight-year tenure by apologizing and committing his week to helping people affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. >> the nfl's second example that makes a positive difference. unfortunately, over the past several weeks, we have seen all too much of the nfl doing wrong. and that starts with me. i have said this before him and back on august 28, and i say it again now. i got it wrong in the handling of the ray rice matter. and i am sorry for that.
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cheryl: correspondent adam shapiro joins us with more. reporter: they're going to be helping with those organizations and also talking about accountability, he said that the nfl is much like a microcosm of society within the organization and the important message for everybody is to acknowledge the mistake and be accountable. when he was asked, would he resign from making it a large date in regards to ray rice, here's what he said. >> have you considered resigning at any point? >> i have not. i'm focused on doing my job. and i'm doing it to best my ability.
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>> what you why do you think the eu should continue in this role? >> because i acknowledge my mistakes and i said that we didn't get this right. >> and this is a new code of conduct that he hopes to have in place. they say that we will implement a new code of conduct, we will have a new set of rules for owners and players at my goal is to complete this by the super bowl. cheryl: thank you for that coverage, adam. well, we are going to have much more on nfl scandal coming up later in the broadcast. we are coming right back. cheryl: scottish voters shocked the world by deciding to remain
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cheryl: scotland votes no in a historic referendum to determine if the united kingdom would be breaking out. 85% of scottish voters turning out and a yes vote would have dissolved it 107 your union with united kingdom. correspondent ashley webster has the latest from. reporter: the yes votes coming ahead of the no vote.
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those who wanted an independent country are bitterly disappointed. they blame banks and the media in westminster for fear mongering, saying that they force the scottish people into a no vote. and including comments from the spanish prime minister who says that he's very happy with the vote because what has been happening certainly has ignited the separatist emotions across the continent. but now it's down to what happens next with the scottish parliament and the other countries including northern ireland and england self. the biggest sigh of relief comes from mr. david cameron himself. cheryl: thank you so much. thousands of american soldiers are heading to africa in the next 30 days to fight the outbreak of the deadly ebola
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virus, according to the nations top army officer. sierra leone walking on the nation for the next three days. joining us now is doctor marc siegel. thank you for joining us from and why you lingo medical centeo let's start with the ebola. besides the violence that has happened in africa, we have seen something's happening today. how nervous are you about the ebola virus in general and should americans really are to wake up to this story? because friendly they have in. >> this is a deadly virus that is not under control, it's something to be concerned about. but ahead of the national institute of infectious diseases , doctor anthony fauci, he says he does not expect this virus to come airborne.
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he says it's been relatively stable since 1976. we have a problem on our hands, but it is not easy to transmit. the military initiative is very interesting. seventeen centers can take care of 100 patients each. a lot more money pouring in there. boots on the ground. but will it spread fear? it's going to be a tremendously positive thing that we can do. the people get nervous and when people get fearful, people take fewer precautions. cheryl: antibiotics treat bacteria. in particular we are seeing this in children across the country. how worried are you enact this is your field of expertise. and we don't have been about a kid to fight these diseases. >> the reason we don't have the antibiotics that we need this because the drug companies don't
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have an incentive and haven't had for a long time to make new antibiotics. and so okay, it is a resistant virus, but they are not making money on it. so they are reluctant to get into this market and what has happened over the past year that will change the playing field is the centers for disease control, says that many people are dying everyday from resistant bacteria. cheryl: 2 million illnesses. >> 2 million illnesses. were not cleaning hospitals well enough, we are over using the antibiotics that we do have, which breeds resistant bacteria. the new at initiative that is out as let's get some new antibiotics. but i consider that like they are going to bolster and does
11:21 pm
this actually work? >> the president signs this initiative for the interagency task force to fight this. >> i like the concept because they are going to try to get newer antibiotics and error. new surveillance for resistant bacteria. but is it a bailout of the incentive? they don't have enough to make the into vioxx on their own. cheryl: but is the president going after these companies thing that you need to deal with these problems and get them to act? it doesn't make financial sense. cheryl: it's a good incentive it may not work okay, so really quickly, this enterovirus 68. >> and spreading round the several states across the country. last time it was in 19 states, it was in california today.
11:22 pm
this is a problem this time of year but the issue is the young children who have asthma and a lot of them have had to be hospitalized. >> connecticut has it, new jersey has it now, now the west as well. so this is spreading all across the country right now. it is a big problem and that being said, that something we have to really watch. cheryl: doctor marc siegel, thank you so much. coming up next, wall street is the scene of the largest ipo the scene of the largest ipo debut coming up guys! you're not gonna believe this! watch this. sam always gives you the good news in person, bad news in email. good news -- fedex has flat rate shipping. it's called fedex one rate. and it's affordable. sounds great. [ cell phone typing ]
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we have robin lundberg here. and the chinese ipo alibaba debuting today making its founder the latest billionaire. trading under the name of baba, the largest ipo by market ever. joline kant had a very busy day on the trading floor and she has our report. reporter: it was a historic day, the biggest ever ipo started trading this morning and it talked 38% at the closing bell. it had a 68-dollar listing price as of last night. chairman and cofounder, jack ma, very interesting man who used to
11:27 pm
be a teacher and became a billionaire and today a billion we asked him about the takeover. >> whenever you have companies like facebook, ebay, google, there are so many innovations. what i want to say here is that when you come here, you come to learn and help small business and they are probably interested in the new technology which we focused on. reporter: if you look at the 30%, it's been just massive, compared to the average company, they have only seen a 14% of the top. a good day for alibaba. the chinese government still very much remain, jack ma thing that they are not a big concern
11:28 pm
to him because they have to deal with the government in every single country. cheryl: apples iphone six bringing massive lines, analysts predicting as much as 11 million phones could be sold over the weekend. we are coming right back. and democrats blasting their own. a wary public and republicans searching for a message with keeping a billion customers a year flying, means keeping seven billion transactions flowing. and when weather hits, it's data mayhem.
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firefighters are are working to contain a massive king fire. high humidity slowing the growth of the fire which has burned more than 70,000 acres and is now 10% contained. joining me now we have the "a-team." we had carrie sheffield and former member of tourist of the bushes senior staff, brad blakeman. brad, let's start with you. we are kind of in the middle of a global terrorism crisis. >> it is not a good thing to do, especially during these tough times. not only with terrorism but the economy is nowhere where it should be. and everyone is concerned because we have house members and 35 seats open in the senate.
11:33 pm
and it's time to campaign and now it's time to get work done and campaign on the weekends and you need to be in washington. >> taking a little counterintuitive tactic, i think i'd rather have a congress that is doing bad things rather than doing nothing. and i think that the agenda could shift. i think that i would rather have a congress that is doing something rather than nothing we want okay, so moving on. i want you to listen to something that joe biden said, has a few people upset. >> the republicans that were involved, guys like matt mathias
11:34 pm
and packwood and so many others. it wasn't democrats alone. so i'm not joking, this is not your father's republican party or your mother's republican party. cheryl: you just heard it there. he mentioned bob packwood who was let go for sexual misconduct. >> i mean, okay, look. it's a double standard here. it's like uncle joe can say whatever he wants and he can say racist things against people and anti-somatic things like "shylock" and jews. many people get crucified in the mainstream media and it really is a double standard. cheryl: and so interesting.
11:35 pm
will people be going to the polls in november? >> we have another instance of joe being joe. look at who he was speaking to. talking about the good old days when they were able to pass legislation things to someone who would abuse women. i don't think it's going to have any long-lasting effect. still not a show you this. kerry, i want to talk about this. some say there are no women in the republican party, which is not true.
11:36 pm
37% wanted a democratic-controlled party, but they had a 13-point advantage before and they lost that. >> they have the rise of the so-called wal-mart moms, women who are waking up realizing that this is very myopic and it's in its narrow focus on abortion and that is it. and we have economics and we have such a bigger picture that we need to focus on. cheryl: i mean, i think of meghan mccain, these are people that are saying that i'm a republican and i may not share the reviews of the older republican party, but i'm still going to vote for my party. >> absolutely, you are seeing women under 30 years old who democrats were banking on and they are not going to be coming
11:37 pm
out. hispanics and african-americans are not going to be coming out in record numbers. not that they did in the past. and at the end of the day, that is why republicans will make the gains that they are. cheryl: you are right. last word? >> i will disagree a little bit because i don't want this election to be won by the fact that people are not showing up, but i want people to participate because they have values. cheryl: an annual backing off after protesting in a african-american community, they
11:38 pm
claim that this was inappropriate. we are coming right back. cheryl: roger goodell breaking his silence and vowing to help victims of domestic abuse. but will it be enough to save but will it be enough to save his job? [ hoof beats ] i wish... please, please, please, please, please. [ male announcer ] the wish we wish above health. so we quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic, for walk-in medical care. and created programs that encourage people to take their medications regularly. introducing cvs health. a new purpose. a new promise... to help all those wishes come true. cvs health. because health is everything.
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cheryl: on wall street today, another record-breaking day for stocks. the dow jones gaining 14 points, the nasdaq falling 14 points. volume on the big board, 4.6 billion shares. and the dow jones and s&p up more than 14%, the nasdaq a fractional gain on the week. here with us for the outlook is bill lee. let's start with the markets. there has been a question mark out there for a long time that the markets have disconnected
11:42 pm
from the u.s. economy. what do you say? >> janet yellen has warned us about that. she said there's some parts of the market that could be a little bit disconnected. but we think that the markets really are reflecting this because the fundamentals are doing very well. cheryl: what about the jobs picture? we have a lot of jobs being created, high wage jobs are not being created. >> one of the things that we have to remember is as the economy expands, people will get more skills and better wages. right now they don't have the right set of skills. cheryl: what part of the economy and sector is going to powers ahead? >> one of the hottest tech your is engineers and designers. framers, plumbers, the building industry because they have contracted so much. but a lot have disappeared. >> they either decide that to
11:43 pm
have put this because i'm out of here i'm going to north dakota where the energy sector is so hot. >> that make sense, and you mentioned janet yellen. a lot of concerns for those in the housing sector and real estate or mortgage rates are going to kick up interest rates and credit cards will start popping up and that will hurt the average american consumer. >> one of the things that she assured us is that the said will not raise interest rates until the economy is strong area and that is one of the things that i think that the hawks on the committee tried to shift the agenda to try to warn everyone. and we have to move sooner rather than later. we will move when the economy is strong and so not only when they are strong but broad-based and investment start to kick in and employments or to pick up. cheryl: we have had jobless claims that didn't fall, the
11:44 pm
lowest level in 14 years, but i want to readdress with you wage income gap. but there are less high wage jobs and more low-wage jobs. to me, that does not build it and economy. we are seven years out of the financial crisis now. >> one of the things we have to remember is where this come from? good skills. and that is why it is up for us to find the rightful skills that fit the right sources. the jobs that we want to grow are the ones that people should go into with middle-class education. all of these things that people talk about and we can't wait until tomorrow. it is a crisis in terms of the distribution of income.
11:45 pm
cheryl: what is your outlook for the housing recovery and markets overall? >> we think the housing sector will be coming back. it's not so much insufficient demand but a lot of people looking for homes and a lot of them are saying that i can't find anything that i can afford. cheryl: because my job doesn't pay that much. it at that price because the materials are so expensive designers, architects and others as well. cheryl: okay, the market heading record after record, saying that something has to give. >> right now the economy is in good shape and i think that that is something we should take away. cheryl: think you so much. america continuing to see a decline in marriage. but according to a new census data, marriage rates falling just over 50% counting same-sex
11:46 pm
spouses for the first time. the lowest levels in more than 90 years. coming up next, nfl commissioner roger goodell rakes his silence after one of the worst two-week stretches his lead has ever seen. steve comes up next with ro how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ right here.
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cheryl: so appropriate on so many levels. george macdonald quotes, to be complemented is a greater
11:50 pm
compliment. raking the silence today on the domestic violence scandal, apologizing for handling the cases of ray rice, adrian peterson and others, vowing to change policies and help domestic violence victims in the future. joining me tonight is steve olenick, he is a sports professional and robin lundberg. i want to start with you, steve. the players. we are used to bad behavior by athletes. what do you say? >> one, if you look at the press conference today, that was a joke in my personal opinion.
11:51 pm
and he put all these programs in place, roger goodell, but what is he doing? the judge and the jury of the nfl. why are you not taking accountability? put some of that money aside and give it to a non-profit. give it back to the nfl. cheryl: what do you think the fans want the? >> sometimes there is this mentality understanding what they want to do exactly what i would like to see them do is say
11:52 pm
this is our plan of action and follow through with it. but he has 10 days and this is what he came up with. a bunch of buzzwords and a lot of things. talking without saying anything. >> if you have a billion dollars in sponsorship, they say that anheuser-busch takes $200 million and there is a way, roger goodell is probably tired to cook all about the money. you make $10 billion in revenue and you get up there and say that i screwed it up. cheryl: this is about money. this is the most profitable sport in the united states and potentially the world and him coming out and not really handling it as you mentioned, you have to wonder what has happened with sponsors in the boardroom. cheryl: anheuser-busch said we do have it now. so we're putting you on watch and you start looking at it and it's a billion dollars in fees for the nfl.
11:53 pm
so if the owner gets hit in the pocket, he's out. cheryl: do think the fans care what the sponsors have is a reign pimento sponsors are directly reacting to the fans and the problem is they have been reacting to the reaction the whole time and it is the antithesis of leadership. they are backpedaling in the nfl. you mention the popularity and i would say that the nfl is the single most popular thing in this country. so for the public to lose the trust, which they have, how do they dramatize it on tv? i can forgive you, but i could never trust you again. that's part of the issue. cheryl: that's part of it, michael vick, accused of killing dogs, he got a year in prison and he deserved it, but it wasn't on video. ray rice, it's on video for the entire world to see. facebook, twitter, youtube and that was it, people were furious >> what needs to be done, a zero-tolerance policy, if you
11:54 pm
something, don't hire all these minions out and say we're putting a task force together, do something. there's got to be accountability. he said it today on the press conference. where is the accountability? >> i don't think he gets fired, but the new report from outside the lines on espn is going to make this come up somewhere. because as you mentioned, according to that the ravens to a detailed account immediately after it happened. but if the ravens new and the nfl, to quote jay-z, i don't believe you, we need more people. cheryl: what you make of the coowner of the vikings coming out? >> i don't think he was honest. they realize what they did and everyone hated and then they reacted to that. and so i wonder what world these guys live in.
11:55 pm
so for using mob like tactics. >> he came out and said it's not like we made a mistake but we screwed up and i'm sorry. and i have to say, i believe him. >> one of his biggest sponsorship pulled the plugs. >> the amount of arrest we have seen is embarrassing. so how would you advise any of your sports clients right now? because some of these guys, let's be honest, they are tough on the field and off the field and they don't care what anyone thinks about them in her personal life. >> stay inside, you get paid, it's a privilege to pay in the nfl. it's not a right. and you are paid a large sum of money and we have 16 weeks, 18
11:56 pm
weeks, depending on where you're going, keep it to yourself, keep it small, keep it inside. and just do your job. >> it hurts the nfl's image. but i don't know if it hurts the nfl because people want to forgive and move on. but they keep making it tough. >> adelman, thank you so much. time for a few of your comments. andrew said about the nfl scandal, it's time that men learn to act like men instead of bullies that are supposed to be defenders of women. and i choose to believe the threat is very real and we need to annihilate them. i find it distasteful but necessary for the sake of my grandchildren says another. a free copy of lou dobbs new book, "border war" will be
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